Information for Third Grade

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Here is a look at what I am expecting from the students this week. I will post individual assignments each morning. Please print assignments out for students to work on if you are able to. If you do not have a printer, no problem. Students can complete work in a notebook or on loose-leaf paper, labeling and dating each assignment.

Literacy: Each day students will get a reading passage, where they must read closely, answer questions, and complete a “Comprehension: Thinking Deeper” worksheet. They are also expected to write for 20 minutes. Prompts will be sent daily. Students will get tier 1, 2, and 3 vocabulary words tomorrow morning and worksheets, daily, that go along with these new words. 

Math: I would like to take this week to review important concepts such as multiplication and fractions. I have attached a document to this email that has links to many great math videos that I highly recommend the students watch! Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your children. I will also send review problems for students to work on, daily.

Social Studies: Please encourage your students to read the Scholastic news article that I left out for you. You can also go to Scholastic’s Learn at Home  website at for daily articles that your child may read. 

Science: Encourage your child’s creativity through Legos, magnets, cooking, baking, etc. When we return to school we will be sprouting beans and learning about different plants and seeds. Feel free to save seeds from fruits and plant them in cups at home (or sprout beans in a wet paper towel)! There’s tons of ideas on youtube, as well.  Mystery Science has also made explorations available for free! You can check these mini-lessons out at The kids love Mystery Science!

Students should not be working on assignments at home for 6 hours straight, which is why I will send things each day, rather than all at once. Please encourage your child to get some exercise, help out with chores, cooking, do art projects- get creative!