St. Pius V School had dozens of families apply for the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship this year. Now we need your help to make sure funds are available to support them!

As a donor to St. Pius V School through the Tax Credit Scholarship Program (TCS), you could help children from low-income households receive a quality Catholic education while dramatically reducing or eliminating your State of Illinois income tax liability.

Not only will you receive a 75% credit on your Illinois state taxes, but now through February 28, 2019 other generous donors will match your donation at a 2-1 rate! Your gift of $400, for example, would reduce your Illinois taxes by $300 and give St. Pius V school a $1,200 donation!

Time is limited so take advantage of this opportunity by using the website to apply for the tax credit.

The Archdiocese of Chicago has offered the instructions below to guide you in this program. These instructions are available in more detail by clicking here. If you have any questions, please contact the TCS team at the Archdiocese of Chicago at 312.534.2617 or for assistance.

Tax Credit Scholarship Program Instructions
How to Make a Donation at MyTax.Illinois.Gov

Part 1 – Request a Letter ID – In order to donate you’ll need an account on This requires your Social Security Number and Driver’s License Number. The Letter ID will be mailed to your address on file from last year’s Illinois 1040.

Part 2 – Create & Activate an Account – Once you receive the Letter ID in the mail, you will log in to and click the button to create and activate an account. You’ll need your Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, and Letter ID code.

Part 3 – Apply for the Tax Credit – Once you create and activate the account, you’ll receive an email with a special code you’ll need to enter the first time you log into your account. Now you’re ready to donate.

Part 4 – Download Certificate of Authorized Contribution and make your donation to a nonprofit Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO):

Please designate St. Pius V School as the recipient school for your donation!

Part 5 – Download a Certificate of Receipt (COR) – Follow the instructions to download documentation of your donation for your tax files.

Part 6 – Receive your Credit – Your tax credit will be applied when you file your 2018 Illinois income taxes which will either eliminate or reduce your tax liability.