Information for Seventh Grade

Welcome to our online learning!
Any new assignments and information will be posted at 2:30 on weekdays. Check back everyday at or after 2:30 -3:00 for information and assignments to complete for the following day.

Greetings Seventh Graders and Parents, 

You will use my email to contact me with any questions, and I will be available during school hours from 8 am until 3 pm everyday. I will post any needed materials below. I ask that you do your best to keep up with the assignments below as to ensure that when we meet up again we are all relatively on the same page. I appreciate your patience during this trying time. I trust that we can get through this together! God Bless! Ms. A

Assignments for Monday March 16th

Everyday I would like you to visit the website and picking an article that interests you. You will then post a summary of your article on this google doc

  • Social Studies
    • Read the packet on the powers and duties of Congress and answer the questions at the end of each section. 
    • Only do the Congress packet, do not complete the Executive packet yet. 
    • Pdf of packet is below
  • English 
    • Read pgs 230-231 in your English textbook on the use of commas and look at the powerpoint slides attached to the website. 
    • Complete exercises 1-26 
    • Pdf of textbook is below
  • Vocab 
    • Start Lesson 10 and do a section of exercises a day. 
    • You don’t have to do flash cards, just do the exercises and begin to study. You will be advised on a test. 
    • Pdf of book is below

Tuesday March 17th Assignments

Reading– Continue your metropolis summaries on the google doc. Links and instructions above. I’ve fixed the document so you should be able to type on it now.

Social Studies– Continue working on your congress packet if you haven’t finished it. I’ll assign the Executive branch packet tomorrow.

English– Watch these two videos on commas and take this short check-in quiz. Video1:



Vocab- Continue with Lesson 10 throughout this week. You will get an assignment Thursday night to complete Friday which will be instead of a quiz.

Religion- Watch these two youtube videos. The first is a video that summarizes the Exodus story we talked about last week. The second explains a traditional Jewish meal that is had at Passover, which is the holiday we were discussing last week. After viewing the videos take this short survey.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Wednesday March 18th

Hi Seventh Grade! As we are figuring out this situation together I believe I have figured out an easier way for us to continue our online journey. I have set up a google classroom for us to use. I will post the join code below. I will also send out the join information through email. Please report there for daily assignments and information. Still check this website for math and science updates but for actual assignment materials I think google is our best bet! I have linked a video of how to access Google classroom below. As always email with questions or concerns. I’ve already posted assignments for tomorrow on the website.

A Message from Mr. Z….

Here are a few things you want to keep up with as we work through this new situation with school. I will be adding assignments to the website page as needed.  To start off, we will deal with chapters 71 and 72. Both have to do with ratios which we have worked on a lot. For 71, do the odd numbers on one day and then the evens for the next day. I will post the answers for the lesson on the second day of the lesson. Wednesday you can start 72 and follow the same plan. I will update the website starting Monday between 2:30-3 pm for the next day’s work. Questions?????  I am available from 7:30 am until 3 pm during the school week. 

From Ms. Roberts,

Please make sure you are added to our Google classroom if you have not done so already.

Take care!

March 18th- Good Morning!

As a reminder, you need to join my Google classroom. I also posted a video in an earlier post of how to join a Google classroom. That is where I will be posting assignments from now on. Only some of you have joined. If you do not join you will miss out on assignments and due dates!

Thanks and hang in there! Ms. A

Hello to all the Seventh Graders,

I hope all of you and your families are well. You can email me at but make sure you tell me who it is. Some have emails which give me no idea of who it is…not helpful. Let me know who is out there and following along. We will work on our math, and I will post attachments to guide you along. I will review some of the concepts and introduce new ones. I’ll give you some problems to practice and then some that you can do and send me your results. If you get stuck, email me. Do your best to move along. Hold off on sending me work until I let you know how I will handle submissions. I will let you know this week.


Mr. Z.

Hi 7th… here are lessons 73 and 74… check this site for updates on how to submit work.

March 20,2020

Hi to the seventh graders. I hope you and your families are well. I also hope you have been doing the work that I have posted. I am asking you to join my 8th grade googleclassroom where you can submit work . The code is —email me for code– and your assignments will be under math 7. I look forward to hearing from you. Mr. Z.

March 23rd, 2020

Hello folks! Very excited to hear from some of you submitting homework in our Google Classroom. Everyone is in the classroom so we should be set for the upcoming weeks! As a reminder we have an assignment due today by 11:59pm. This week we will be starting a Force and Motion Unit. Stay tuned and stay informed. -Ms. Roberts