The teachers at St. Pius V School are putting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)into practice from grades K-8.  They are getting specialized training through professional development and coaching by Loyola University Chicago staff.  The new standards reflect a change in science education, which follows how science and engineering are actually practiced and experienced in the real world. There is a focus on understanding the concepts of science as well as applying the content.  Students at St. Pius V School will be better prepared for colleges and careers because the new standards emphasize discovery through questioning and inquiring—like real scientists and engineers do.  Students record their predictions, procedures, and their thinking as they progress through experiments and investigations.  Children integrate mathematics and language arts in their note taking, graphing, computing, and reflecting on results.  Following the standards from grade to grade gives the students a solid progression of content in the science and engineering fields and an ability to work productively in teams.