The students should be completing the packets. It has been a great joy seeing the pictures of the children completing the work packets. We are focusing on the Letter T for this week. I am attaching the daily schedule for our classroom. The class schedule is listed below:


8:00am Breakfast

8:15am Morning Meeting (Review the Letter of The Week, The Pledge of Allegiance)

8:30am Bathroom Break

8:45am Reading/Center Time

 *8:45am Jumpstart (Tues/Thursday)

10:20am Bathroom Break

10:30am Specialist (Gym: Tues/ Thurs) (Music: Wed/Fri)

11:00am Lunch

11:45am Bathroom Break

12:00pm Religion (The Lord’s Prayer)

12:20pm Quiet/Rest Time

1:20pm Bathroom Break

1:40pm Choice Time

2:25pm Afternoon Meeting

2:40pm Dismissal fffffffffffff