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2010-2011 School Year


A special visit from Junior Achievement


SPV had a very special group of visitors today as volunteers from Deloitte visited our 4th through 8th grade students and taught the Junior Achievement curriculum. Lessons ranged from 4th graders starting their own business to 6th graders learning about business ethics and international fair trade. The volunteers did an excellent job of making complex topics fun and engaging for our students.

Thank you so much for visiting our school, Junior Achievement!

We Will Miss You, Mr. Diaz!

Eduardo Diaz 1 - Smaller

St. Pius V School is bidding a fond farewell to our sixth grade teacher, Mr. Eduardo Diaz. Mr. Diaz has been an extremely dedicated teacher here at SPV, and we will truly miss him. We would also like to congratulate him, though, on the new adventure he is about to undertake. Mr. Diaz has been offered the opportunity to teach in Indonesia for the next year and will be shipping out very soon! We are so excited for him and wish him all the best as he continues his journey.

Along with teaching 6th grade, Mr. Diaz also coached the flag football team (CCFL 2011-12 Champions!) and running club. He touched so many lives during his time here. He will not be forgotten and we will continue to pray for him as he embarks on this exciting adventure. We look forward to postcards from Indonesia and hopefully even a video or two.

Good luck, Mr. Diaz! We have been blessed to have you in our school.


Isabella: Spelling Bee C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N !

Isabella Sierra - 4th Grade Small

St. Pius V School Congratulates Isabella, 4th Grade winner of the
Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools Council III Spelling Bee!
Isabella did a fantastic job and made us all so proud.

We would also like to congratulate Benjamin, 2nd Place in the 8th Grade division, and Alex, 4th Place in the 7th Grade division. All of our students who competed put forth a valiant effort and represented our school with honor. Well done, Pride!

St. Pius V School Congratulates Isabella, 4th Grade winner of the
Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools Council III Spelling Bee!
Isabella did a fantastic job and made us all so proud.

An Incredible Honor for One of Our Own: Mr. Mark Zacek

Grads and Mr. Zacek - Smallest

Each year when we celebrate Catholic Schools Week we choose a different theme for each day. Thursday, February 2nd was our Teacher Appreciation Day, and we can nevery say enough about our wonderful teachers. Each one gives so much to this school and we are incredibly blessed to have them. That day we also recognized the accomplishments of one of our particularly extraordinary teachers:Mark Zacek. We were informed this week that Mr. Zacek was chosen to receive a Distinguished Service Award from the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools. We could not be more proud of Mr. Zacek, and we are pleased to share a few of his accomplishments with you.

St. Pius V School Celebrates Peacemakers

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

SPV_Peacemakers 32 Smallest

Those words, spoken more nearly 45 years ago, are as true today as they were then. So many of Chicago’s neighborhoods that are still striving for that distant goal, but the students at St. Pius V School in Pilsen are living examples of Dr. King’s words.

Each year, St. Pius V School celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. by recognizing the students who are working to make their school and their community safer places to live and learn. The Peacemaker award is the highest honor bestowed on SPV students. Students from each classroom are chosen to receive this award for resolving conflicts, opposing violence and setting a positive example for their fellow students.

During the award ceremony, students in each grade are given an opportunity to say a few words about their classroom’s peacemaker. “The three words I can say about Jordan,” says one 4th grader, “are respectful, humble and honest. He loves to cheer people up when they are feeling blue.”

“We are just so proud of our Peacemakers,” says principal Nancy Nasko. “Each one is a blessing for our school and I know that they will be great leaders in this community some day.”

St. Pius V School proudly carries on the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by creating peace in the Pilsen community. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically,” Dr. King once said. “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”


First Grade Performs with the Joffrey Ballet!


Joffrey Performance - Smaller for Site

Congratulations to Mrs. Williams’ first grade class for their excellent dance performance with the Joffrey Ballet! Just before we let out for Christmas break, our 1st graders put on an amazing show in front of their schoolmates and parents. They had been practicing for months and boy did it pay off! This wonderful opportunity program was partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and brought to SPV by the Big Shoulders Fund, who have been supporting Chicago Catholic Schools for more than 25 years. Thank you!

Ms. Moochie Gives a Special Gift to SPV School

Ms. Moochie and 2nd

St. Pius V School is thrilled to be part of a literary project that has been more than a year in the making. Ms. Moochie (Moochie Twellman) is a Chicago children’s author and friend of SPV School. Last fall, she visited Ms. Williams, Ms. Blaida and all of the students in the First Grade classroom to share her love of literature. She also enlisted the students to help with an exciting project: working together to write a children’s book!

Congratulations to the 2011 Flag Football Champs: The Pride!

Football 14 - Smaller

Congratulations to the SPV Pride Flag Football Team! They won their game on Saturday and took home the CHAMPIONSHIP!! We are so proud of all of you. A big thank you to our coaches, Mr. Eduardo Diaz and Mr. Jorge Trejo. Great job to everyone involved!

Francis Cardinal George Visits SPV for Lend a Shoulder Day 2011

LASD Group - Small for Site

St. Pius V School would like to thank the Big Shoulders Fund for giving us the opportunity to participate in Lend a Shoulder Day! Our students were thrilled to meet Francis Cardinal George and loved working with all of the LASD volunteers. We were honored to be able to share our successes with such a caring group of visitors. You can all come back any time!

Some Special Guests Join Us for All Saints Day

All Saints Brendan and Student - Small for Site

SPV students attended our annual school mass for All Saints Day, remembering some of the great holy men and women who made a positive impact on our world. Kindergarten students dressed as St. Francis of Assisi and St. Elizabeth, among others. The presentations were beautiful and the kids were adorable!

Miles and Smiles: Welcome to Running Club!

Running Club

As she rounded the corner and trotted into the parking lot, Jessica was huffing, puffing and smiling from ear to ear. “I finished another mile!” she shouted, holding up her popsicle sticks.

SPV Students Spread Peace

Peace Banner

Peacemaking is the most important value taught here at St. Pius V School. Peace is at the center of every lesson we teach and in the heart of every SPV graduate. For that reason, Peace Day is one of the most important days of our school year.

¡Que Viva México!


Our students got a special treat as mariachis Mexico Vivo visited our school to celebrate El Grito de Dolores, or Mexican Indepence Day. We would like to thank Mexico Vivo, particularly one very special member, Enrique Leon, a 6th grade student here at SPV.

St. Pius V Students Commemorate the September 11th Attacks


“Thank you for keeping us safe,” One student wrote.

Ms. Morice’s 4th grade class is learning to write friendly letters this morning. Often, students learning this skill write letters to sports stars or pop singers, but these students are writing to real heroes. Each student is composing a letter to be sent to New York City Fire Department first responders who raced to the twin towers on September 11th, 2001.